Nemo Remote

8 december 2022

Home is where the heart is

Nice at home on the couch while the hospital checks how you and your unborn child are doing. In your own familiar environment. The best of both worlds, that's what NemoRemote makes possible.

NemoRemote is a fetal and maternal monitoring system that allows the pregnant woman to do at least some of her checkups at home instead of in the hospital.

In Denmark, many pregnant women go to the hospital less often due to the use of NemoRemote. This creates less pressure on the hospital staff and the woman has less stress. In addition, it saves costs for the woman who does not have to travel and the hospital, which does not have to keep a bed free.

The measurement is carried out with a patch plaster on the woman's abdomen and an iPad app. The result of the measurement is checked in the hospital by the doctor or obstetrician, after which the pregnant woman receives a message whether everything is in order. This way, the pregnant woman has the guarantee that she is well monitored, in her own familiar environment.

Nemo Remote - Copenhagen