‘It was so nice to have such freedom of movement! I could even take a shower. The patch was more comfortable too as it wasn’t pressed onto my abdomen with a strap.’

Nemo Healthcare

Safe and precise monitoring

Nemo Healthcare is a company that produces reliable medical products. The Nemo professionals are committed to developing monitoring products that offer optimum comfort for expectant mothers and excellent support for healthcare professionals. They have now successfully developed several medical products for safe and precise fetal monitoring from outside the mother’s abdomen. The monitoring is based on detecting and processing electrophysiological signals.


Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is Nemo Healthcare’s first commercial product. It is a non-invasive monitoring device that monitors both fetal and maternal heart rates as well as uterine activity during pregnancy. It can be used from a gestational age of 21 weeks through to the birth of the new-born.

Most important advantages

Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

  • User-friendly and comfortable for mother and child

  • Increased freedom of movement for expectant mothers

  • Reliable and precise measurements from a gestational age of 21 weeks through to the birth of the new-born

  • Innovative, non-invasive solution

  • Extremely suitable for monitoring women with a higher BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Patches do not need to be repositioned if the foetus moves



The NFMS uses an advanced patch (Nemo Patch) with six electrodes. Fetal and maternal heart rates can be determined using ECG signals measured from both. Uterine activity measurements are obtained via EMG signals during uterine contractions.

The measured signals are transmitted wirelessly to a Nemo Base via Nemo Link. The Nemo Base contains smart algorithms that filter the received electrophysiological signals so that only fetal and maternal heart rate and uterine activity remain. This information is then transmitted to a central monitoring system within the hospital, where a midwife can carefully monitor heart rate development and uterine activity on a screen. Fetal and maternal heart rates and uterine activity can also be monitored on the Nemo Base.

The Nemo Base


Nemo Base houses two Nemo Links with rechargeable batteries for alternate use when an expectant mother needs to be monitored for more than 24 hours. Nemo Base also contains a rechargeable battery. This enables an expectant mother to be monitored when being transferred from one place to another.



The technology used in the NFMS also recently became available in a product for home use: NemoRemote. NemoRemote enables monitoring of expectant mothers at home. The system aims to enable some of the check-ups that normally take place in hospital to take place in the familiar surroundings of the expectant mother’s own home.

Step-by-step guidance

For NemoRemote, the same smart NFMS algorithms are found in a tablet. The expectant mother uses the NemoRemote app, which offers step-by-step guidance through clear instruction videos. She can then attach the Nemo Patch herself and take reliable measurements. The measurements are then transmitted to the hospital where they are reviewed by the obstetrician or midwife.

Good performance

All NFMS advantages also apply to NemoRemote. NemoRemote can also be used for monitoring from a gestational age of 21 weeks. The system performs particularly well at a young gestational age and/or if the expectant mother has a high BMI. It does not rely on fetal position and movement, making NemoRemote very suitable for home monitoring.

Increased patient satisfaction

Pregnancy monitoring at home via electrophysiology has been used for over ten years in Denmark. This has enabled a significant reduction in the number of antenatal check-ups at the hospital without compromising on quality of care. It has also increased patient autonomy and satisfaction.