Nemo Healthcare

Customised training

Pregnancy is such a special and exciting time. Nobody cares for the unborn child as much as the mother, but sometimes she does need extra support. With our monitoring system you can offer her both safety and comfort: the two most important positive points women mention when evaluating our system.

Accurate measurements at all times

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System (NFMS) is a good and reliable supplement to the monitoring equipment you already use in your hospital. It measures electrophysiological signals via electrodes placed on the abdomen. The system is easy to use and provides accurate measurements, even if the mother has a somewhat higher BMI or if the gestational age is below 26 weeks. NemoRemote offers exactly the same advantages as NFMS, but for monitoring at home. 

Aligned to your requirements

We would be delighted to familiarise you with these innovative monitoring systems. We can support you in effective monitoring of expectant mothers, ensuring safe births and healthy new-borns. Our training courses are customised to your needs and requirements. We offer an extensive on-site training programme, after which your team will be able to use the systems effectively.

Problem-free introduction

We conduct extensive discussions with representatives from your team before the training takes place. We determine together how we can best design the training and will ask various questions. For example, it is good to know the workplace layout, how the NFMS will be used and how the system links to existing IT. We will use this information to ensure that the introduction of the NFMS is as smooth as possible. We go through the same steps for NemoRemote.


To prepare you for the on-site training, we generally organise an initial online training session via MS Teams, in which we explain the technical background and use. The same training can be repeated at the workplace if necessary. We then practise applying the patches and monitoring. 

E-learning when convenient

An e-learning is also available to familiarise your team with the system. This e-learning can be followed whenever is convenient and is a good preparation for the online and on-site training. This can be included in your hospital’s digital learning environment. 

Reach us easily

You can reach us easily during the training period and, of course, afterwards. We are extremely interested in your experience of the system and especially about your experience in using it, and will take active steps to ask you about this.

Trial installation

If you are interested and curious as to whether the NFMS or NemoRemote would help you and your team, you can have a system installed for a trial period. During a two or three week trial period you will be able to find out everything that NFMS or NemoRemote have to offer. A select and small group of employees will learn all about the system in the first week. These healthcare professionals can then start using the system after this. An evaluation will take place afterwards in which we would be delighted to hear your experiences. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!