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Why Nemo Healthcare?

Nemo Healthcare focusses on the improvement of fetal monitoring, based on electrophysiological signals, non-invasively recorded on the maternal abdomen.

Nemo Healthcare delivers a non-invasive solution for fetal monitoring. Our products bring comfort for both mother and child, and the best possible information at the right time for clinicians, aiming for safe births and healthy children.

The Nemo Healthcare Solution


The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is an intuitive, wireless and non-invasive fetal monitoring solution.

Please take a look at our product video or download our brochure for more information. 

Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

After more than 10 years of research and development, Nemo Healthcare is proud to present the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System (NFMS), a breakthrough innovation that changes the world of fetal monitoring.

The NFMS is an innovative, wearable device that accurately monitors fetal and maternal heart rate and uterine activity, all from a single measurement. The NFMS supports healthcare professionals with information they need for safer births and healthier children.


<p><span style="color:#ffffff;">The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is&nbsp;an intuitive, wireless and non-invasive fetal monitoring solution.</span></p>

<p><span style="color:#ffffff;">Please take a look at our product video or download our </span><a href="/media/pdf/181116-NFMS-brochure-EN.pdf" target="_blank"><span style="color:#ffffff;"><u>brochure</u></span></a><span style="color:#ffffff;"> for more information.&nbsp;</span></p>



Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

Safe and Accurate Fetal Monitoring - DLV-719500

In 2015, Nemo applied for an EU Horizon 2020 SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) Phase 2 grant, after successfully completing an SME Phase 1 grant earlier that year. The Phase 2 grant was awarded in 2016 for the development of novel technologies to improve fetal monitoring.

With this grant, we have developed the Nemo Fetal Monitoring Solution (NFMS), based on the technology of electrophysiological monitoring. Our solution enables medical professionals to obtain reliable information to better assess fetal wellbeing along pregnancy, in labor and delivery. 



Fetal monitoring by electrohysterography and fetal electrocardiography aims to improve neonatal outcome in a non-invasive and safe way, and with minimal discomfort for the pregnant mother and her fetus.



We actively contribute to relevant events, both scientific and commercial. You can check here where you can meet us in person and discuss your thoughts on fetal monitoring.

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About Nemo

Nemo Healthcare improves the way fetal assessment takes place, providing high-quality information to care givers in a safe and patient-friendly way.

We believe that reliable and early information leads to better decision-making,
resulting in improved health outcome that may lead to reduced healthcare costs.


Dr. O. Bonifer gynaecologist Jyväskylä, Finland

"The big advantage lies in cases where conventional tocography is pushed to its limits (e.g. obesity).

Here Nemo makes it possible to register uterine activity without taking the risk of invasive intra-uterine measurement."