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safe births, healthy children

Why Nemo Healthcare?

Nemo develops non-invasive technologies for fetal monitoring. Our solutions focus on safety and comfort for both mother and child, and the best possible information at the right time for clinicians.

We support the decision-making process, aiming for safe births and healthy children.

The Nemo Healthcare Solution

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is an intuitive, wireless and non-invasive fetal monitoring solution.

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The technology that is used to monitor the unborn child has not developed significantly in the last 30 years. With the introduction of the Nemo Healthcare Fetal Monitoring solution, we will add to the well-being of patients. To our belief, wireless, comfortable and non-invasive fetal monitoring is what mother and child deserve.

The next generation of fetal monitoring



At the Nemo Healthcare Symposium, on January 23rd, we proudly presented our brand new Nemo Fetal Monitoring System.

Do you want to follow our progress? Please contact us so we can keep you updated on the next steps we are taking towards market availability.


PUREtrace analyses the frequency and intensity of the contractions of the uterus - thus providing information for fetal monitoring. By using our Graphium electrode patch, reliable clinical information is obtained in a comfortable and safe way.

PUREtrace can be connected directly to existing fetal monitors, and is available to hospitals without requiring significant investments in new equipment.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

Safe and Accurate Fetal Monitoring - DLV-719500

In 2015, Nemo applied for an EU Horizon 2020 SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) Phase 2 grant, after successfully completing an SME Phase 1 grant earlier that year. The Phase 2 grant was awarded in 2016 for the development of novel technologies to improve fetal monitoring.

With this grant, we have developed the Nemo Fetal Monitoring Solution (NFMS), based on the technology of electrophysiological monitoring. Our solution enables medical professionals to obtain more information to better assess fetal wellbeing along pregnancy, in labor and delivery. 


Fetal monitoring by electrohysterography and fetal electrocardiography will improve neonatal outcome in a non-invasive and safe way, and with minimal discomfort for the pregnant mother and her fetus.

Dr. O. Bonifer gynaecologist Jyväskylä, Finland

'The big advantage lies in cases where conventional tocography is pushed to its limits (e.g. obesity) Here Nemo makes it possible to register uterine activity without taking the risk of invasive intra-uterine measurement.'

About Nemo

Nemo Healthcare improves the way fetal assessment takes place, providing better information to care givers in an earlier stage and in a safe and patient-friendly way.

We believe better information leads to better decision-making,

resulting in improved health outcome and thus reduced healthcare costs.

News & Events

We actively contribute to relevant events, both scientific and commercial. You can check here where you can meet us in person and discuss your thoughts on fetal monitoring.
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Become our partner

Nemo's technology opens up an exciting new world of opportunities for further research into fetal and maternal wellbeing. We are actively seeking partners who will join us in this challenging new field of work. Imagine the new diagnostic tools that can be developed based on EHG and ECG recordings… Join us now!

Our partners are enthusiastic researchers and hospitals with the ambition to push the boundaries of fetal monitoring and search for novel biomarkers, both in the field of contractions and heart activity. Our partners get access to our ever-growing database to which they actively contribute. An annual exclusive partner event is organized where the latest developments are presented and our collective research roadmap is discussed.


J. Scholte (patient) Veldhoven, the Netherlands

'The Nemo system has made the pushing phase more pleasant for both mother and father. Accurate and very user friendly'.