About us

Our goal:

Safe births,
healthy children

The birth of a child is a natural part of life but is also a wonderful and magical thing. During the entire pregnancy everything and everyone focuses on ensuring that the child is born healthy. We keep on asking ourselves how we can improve fetal and maternal care. We develop medical products that provide both reliable and accurate maternal and fetal heart rate monitoring as well as offering maximum comfort. Our goal: safe births and healthy children 


Better care
for mother and child

Nemo Healthcare was founded in 2010 following close partnership between Máxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven (MMC) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), both of which are based in the Netherlands. They conducted joint studies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) into neonatal haemodynamic signals as far back as the 1980s. They obtained new insights by using advanced signal processing techniques, which proved invaluable in diagnosing or treating ill new-borns. 

The research was expanded in 2000 to include analysis of fetal heart activity. This analysis focused on obtaining new information that could be used to improve fetal monitoring.


Comfortable and reliable

A project was established in 2005 to develop fetal monitoring methods using electrophysiological recordings. This was financed by Stichting Technische Wetenschappen (STW). These recordings provided information on uterine activity and fetal heart activity in a way that is both non-invasive and comfortable for the expectant mother. The information also proved more precise and reliable than all other existing non-invasive methods. 

On the market

To fully utilise the opportunities of this new technology, the methods needed further development for clinical applications.

Support from two STW grants enabled the technology for monitoring uterine activity to be developed into a clinical device known as PUREtrace™. In 2011, a consortium of investors stepped in to provide the necessary funds to enable the certification and commercialisation of PUREtrace. We started developing fetal heart activity monitoring technology at the same time.

A second round of investment in 2016 and an EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 grant enabled us to complete the development of our fetal monitoring technology. The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System was finally marketed for hospital use in late 2018. This product is now used every day in various European countries and the number of users is increasing steadily. NemoRemote came on the market in 2022; a product that enables expectant mothers to be monitored at home.


The Nemo Healthcare team

Will Ickenroth

Co-Chief Executive Officer

I’m proud to be able to work with an extremely dedicated team of professionals who share the commitment to develop innovative products that improve the quality of life of both mother and child.

Angelique van de Beeten

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Great to work with the team on our common goal, safe births, healthy children!

Chris Peters

Chief Technology Officer, Medical Physicist, Founder

I’m really committed to realising technology-based solutions that contribute to a healthy future!

Rik Vullings

Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor, Founder

I aim to translate the results of scientific research on pregnancy monitoring into tangible clinical applications that improve midwifery care.

Nenad Čabrilo

Senior Product Development Engineer

I combine my passion for physiology and fitness with electrical engineering to stimulate innovations in healthcare and human well-being.

Joris Beudel

Product Development Engineer

Working on meaningful product innovations to make healthcare better and safer is what drives me every day.

Wolfgang Karl

Country Sales Manager

I’m delighted to be launching this innovative system for birth monitoring in Austria together with Nemo Healthcare. It’s a crucial step towards safer births and more freedom.

Elkie Renders

Implementation Specialist, Midwife

I feel privileged to form part of a team that aims for continued improvements in fetal monitoring. I’m an advocate of personalised applications to improve midwifery care.

Federica Sammali

Senior Biomedical Research Scientist

Motherhood is the greatest privilege in life. I am proud to be part of Nemo Healthcare team and turn maternal fears into the greatest joy.

Marc-Antony Taminiau

Marketing & Communication

We offer high-quality fetal monitoring that helps both mother and child and I make sure our stakeholders worldwide hear about this inspiring message.

Andrea Mikschl

Implementation Specialist

I have dedicated my entire professional life to the care of expectant mothers and safe childbirth. Now I am focused on working together with the Nemo Healthcare team on safe and comfortable monitoring of mother and child.