The implementation of the NFMS in your organisation is a step forward towards better fetal monitoring. To facilitate this transition Nemo Healthcare offers customised training and implementation based on your individual needs. With our on-site and on-line training programs you can increase your knowledge in fetal monitoring and get acquainted with the NFMS.

An understanding of fetal physiology is crucial for optimal fetal monitoring. Nemo Healthcare offers gynaecologists, midwives and obstetric nurses both theoretical and practical training based on our authentic cases.

Our training material helps obstetric staff to recognise and interpret the signals provided by the NFMS and operate the system effectively.



This is a registered training which can be integrated into your learning management environment. You have the benefit from lecturer independent high-quality training. The training can start whenever you have time.


On-site implementation

When you purchase NFMS we will provide you with on-site, hands-on training to ensure successful implementation.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding training and implementation of the NFMS.