Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

After more than 10 years of research and development, Nemo Healthcare is proud to present the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System (NFMS), a breakthrough innovation that changes the world of fetal monitoring.

The NFMS is an innovative, wearable device that accurately monitors fetal and maternal heart rate and uterine activity, all from a single measurement. The NFMS supports healthcare professionals with information they need for safer births and healthier children.

The Benefits

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System:

• is an innovative, non-invasive solution

• delivers reliable, accurate, high-quality measurements

• is suitable for obese women

• is easy to use and comfortable to wear

• delivers continuous measurements, even in a shower

• is designed with future developments in mind


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The System

The NFMS uses a dedicated multi-surface electrode patch with 6 electrodes. Fetal and maternal heart rate are derived from the recorded combined ECG-signals, and uterine activity is derived from the EMG-signals when the uterine muscle contracts.

Proprietary algorithms in the Nemo Base convert the amplified and wirelessly transmitted electrophysiological signals from the Nemo Link to readable information as is normally visualised on your central monitoring system.

The NFMS provides information to support reliable early diagnosis in a safe and easy way. Electrophysiological signals can be recorded independent of the body-mass index (BMI) of the pregnant woman, as opposed to traditional external sensors. Because electrophysiological signals are the most direct measure for heart- or uterine activity, more information will become available to assist in diagnosis.

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System comes with an online e-learning course to support you in getting acquainted with this novel technology.

The NFMS is delivered with two Nemo Links, which can be used alternately. Each Link will allow for at least 18 hours of recording. The Nemo Base is equipped with a battery, allowing for use during transportation.

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