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Company in Veldhoven The Netherlands wins tender Denmark: Pregnant women and their unborn child to be monitored safely and remotely at home with Dutch technology.

In case of fetal growth restriction, high blood pressure or where the amniotic fluid has gone too early mother and unborn child should be monitored closely. Frequent hospital visits or hospitalization is often necessary which is time consuming and costly. With the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System, monitoring can be done safely at home reducing the number of hospital visits and preventing hospitalization thus leading to effective care at lower cost. Nemo Healthcare delivers high quality fetal monitoring, based on electrophysiological signals, non-invasively recorded on the maternal abdomen.

Nemo Healthcare has won the CTG Remote Monitoring tender by The Region of Southern Denmark and will supply the necessary equipment and support

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As of today, Nemo Healthcare has become officially MDR Certified!

Veldhoven, The Netherlands – October 2nd, 2020

From May 26th, 2021 the European Union’s (EU) Medical Device Directive (MDD) will no longer be valid. From this date the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) will be the new regulatory framework applicable for all Medical Devices placed in the market in the EU.

Under supervision of the Notified Body DARE!! of Woerden, The Netherlands, Nemo Healthcare worked hard to obtain this new certificate which is needed to continue the successful and safe rollout of the Nemo Fetal Monitoring Solution.

“Operating to the latest standards is in the DNA of Nemo Healthcare. Our clients and their patients therefor benefit from safe and interference free (EMC) medical equipment and devices. Working with DARE!! to obtain this goal has been exemplary for the professional working relationship we have had with DARE!! for the past years.”, says Michiel Manuel, CEO of Nemo Healthcare.

In 2017 the European Union declared that it was time for a revision of directives:

'a fundamental revision of the directives is needed to establish a robust, transparent, predicable and sustainable regulatory framework for medical devices which ensures a high level of safety and health whilst supporting innovation.'

European Commission - 5 April 2017

Nemo Healthcare started in 2017 to explore the consequences and benefits of the new MDR which ultimately resulted in Nemo Healthcare becoming one of the first Medical Device companies in the Netherlands to be certified.

“With our new NFMS (Nemo Fetal Monitoring System) we add to the safety and comfort of births in Europe and beyond. Being at the finish-line so far ahead of the deadline, helps us to focus on our mission; safe births, healthy children“, says Will Ickenroth, VP Business Development, Marketing & Sales.

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Perinatal Life Supportkick-off meeting


On November 13th and 14th, the kick-off of an international project titled “Perinatal Life Support” (PLS) was held in Eindhoven, Netherlands.



This 5-year project falls under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program to fund projects on new ideas for radically new future technologies. This can involve a wide range of new technological possibilities inspired by cutting-edge science. The project was coordinated by Professor Frans van de Vosse of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The project aims to develop an artificial womb to increase the chances of survival for extremely premature born babies (born between 24-28 weeks). For these babies, the chances of survival increases with each day in the artificial womb, which serves as a replacement for an incubator.

The PLS consortium includes 5 partners from across Europe: Germany (UK RWTH Aachen University), Italy (Politecnico di Milano) and The Netherlands (TU/e, LifeTec Group, and Nemo Healthcare). They will combine their research expertise in the fields of cardiology, gynecology, biology, physics, as well as computer and simulation modelling to develop the components necessary for the artificial womb to provide perinatal life support. By the end of the project, the PLS consortium aims to establish technologies that will contribute to the first ex vivo fetal maturation system for clinical use.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 863087.


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Nemo Healthcare enables improved fetal monitoring with the introduction of the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

After more than 10 years of research and development, Nemo Healthcare is proud to present the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System (NFMS), a breakthrough innovation that opens up new possibilities for fetal monitoring. The new product will be launched on November 20th, 2018, at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) in Belgium.

The NFMS is an innovative, wearable device that accurately monitors fetal and maternal heart rate and uterine activity, all from a single measurement. The NFMS supports healthcare professionals with information they need for safer births and healthier children.

“What we need is a non-invasive fetal monitoring system also in the obese future which provides high quality information and makes it possible to intervene in time, before damage occurs to the unborn child.”

Prof. Dr. Y. (Yves) Jacquemyn, UZA - Antwerp University Hospital


The NFMS is designed to provide accurate information for reliable early diagnosis and monitoring in a safe and easy way. The system is non-invasive, and provides high quality measurements. It is easy to use, comfortable to wear (even showering) and wireless. The NFMS is delivered with two Nemo Links, which can be used alternately. Each Link will allow for up to at least 18 hours of recording. The Nemo Base is equipped with a rechargeable battery, allowing for stand-alone use,for example during transportation of the patient to the operating room.

The NFMS uses a dedicated, multi-surface electrode patch with 6 electrodes. Fetal and maternal heart rate are derived from the recorded combined ECG-signals, and uterine activity is derived from the EMG-signals when the uterine muscles contract. Proprietary algorithms in the Nemo Base convert the amplified and wirelessly transmitted electrophysiological signals from the Nemo Link to readable information as is normally visualised on the central monitoring system of the hospital.

The NFMS provides more reliable measurements compared to systems using traditional external sensors, furthermore the NFMS provides high-quality measurements even for the difficult to monitor obese women.

The NFMS comes with an (online) e-learning course to support the users in getting acquainted with this innovative technology. The NFMS is expected to reduce overall cost of care.

CE regulatory approval has been granted and the NFMS is commercially available as of November 2018. The first customer orders have already been received: “We are very excited to ship our first CE-certified systems to our customers and help them further improve care for the unborn child and mother as of this moment”, says Michiel Manuel, CEO of Nemo Healthcare.

left-to-right: Michiel Manuel, CEO Nemo Healthcare; Yves Jacquemyn, Head of Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology at UZA, Guid Oei, Gynaecologist at MMC Veldhoven; René Kok, VP Medical Affairs Nemo Healthcare
(Photo: Claudia Broekhoff)


In this video, the founders and people from the very beginning, tell about the start of Nemo Healthcare


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Michiel Manuel nieuwe CEO van Nemo Healthcare


Ir. J.M.A. (Michiel) Manuel, CEO Nemo Healthcare (foto: RGB Producties)

Per 1 oktober j.l. is ir. J.M.A. (Michiel) Manuel aangetreden als de nieuwe CEO van Nemo Healthcare. Nemo Healthcare is een innovatief bedrijf dat zich richt op de ontwikkeling van nieuwe technologie voor zwangerschapsbewaking. Nemo werkt op dit moment aan een uitbreiding van de productportfolio die in 2018 gelanceerd zal worden. Michiel Manuel: “Nemo staat hiermee aan de vooravond van een belangrijke innovatieve stap vooruit in het bewaken van het welzijn van aanstaande moeders en hun ongeboren kind. Een prachtige uitdaging die ik heel graag samen met het Nemo team aan ga.”

Het huidige product van Nemo Healthcare, PUREtraceTM, biedt een verbeterde registratie van weeënactiviteit in een ziekenhuisomgeving. In 2018 lanceert Nemo Healthcare de volgende generatie monitor waarmee naast de weeënactiviteit ook de hartactiviteit van de aanstaande moeder en het ongeboren kind kan worden bewaakt. Hierbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van een nieuwe elektrodepleister die op de buik van de zwangere vrouw wordt geplaatst. De technologie zal draadloos aansluiten op bestaande cardiotocografen.

Michiel Manuel was van februari 1987 tot mei 2017 werkzaam bij Philips (Healthcare). Na een internationale carrière was hij laatstelijk Head of Operations Strategy Health Systems, Senior Vice President. “Na meer dan 30 jaar bij een grote multinational in de medische industrie gewerkt te hebben, kijk ik ernaar uit om mijn internationale kennis en ervaring in te zetten bij Nemo Healthcare om de zorg voor aanstaande moeders en hun ongeboren kind verder te helpen verbeteren”, aldus Manuel.

Manuel’s voorganger Hans Brons heeft de onderneming medegedeeld om privé redenen zijn positie als CEO neer te moeten leggen. Manuel: “Ik ben blij dat Hans het team blijft ondersteunen, hij zal voor een langere periode parttime aan Nemo Healthcare verbonden blijven om zo de continuïteit van diverse activiteiten te waarborgen."

Nemo Healthcare ontving begin 2016 een bedrag van 4 miljoen euro subsidie uit het Europese innovatie- en onderzoeksprogramma Horizon 2020. Hierdoor is het mogelijk de technische ontwikkeling, klinische validatie en commercialisatie van de volgende generatie producten te versnellen. Manuel: “De medische wereld is voortdurend in ontwikkeling en wij horen van onze klinische partners dat er een groeiende behoefte is aan nieuwe, moeder- en kindvriendelijke oplossingen voor het monitoren van het ongeboren kind. Met betere informatie willen wij de zorgverleners ondersteunen in hun streven naar veiligere bevallingen, minder onnodige ingrepen en lagere medische kosten.  2018 wordt een belangrijk jaar voor Nemo Healthcare. Ik ben dankbaar voor de mogelijkheid leiding te geven aan Nemo Healthcare en haar gemotiveerde en kundige team van professionals. Samen met onze industriële, academische en klinische partners gaan we geschiedenis schrijven!"

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