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Waarom Nemo Healthcare?

The Nemo
Healthcare solution

Nemo Healthcare delivers a non-invasive solution for fetal monitoring. Nemo Healthcare focusses on the improvement of fetal monitoring, based on electrophysiological signals, non-invasively recorded on the maternal abdomen.

Product video

The Nemo Healthcare Solution explained

The Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is an intuitive, wireless and non-invasive fetal monitoring solution. Take a look at our product video.


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Horizon 2020 programme

Safe and Accurate
Fetal Monitoring

In 2015 Nemo applied for an EU Horizon 2020 SME Phase 2 grant. The Phase 2 grant was awarded in 2016. With this grant we have developed the Nemo Fetal Monitoring Solution.

"Nemo makes it possible to register uterine activity without taking the risk of invasive intra-uterine measurement."

Dr. O. Bonifer
Gynaecologist Jyväskylä, Finland