Safe and Accurate Fetal Monitoring

H2020 project DLV-719500

Horizon 2020 Grant

Nemo Healthcare has been granted an Horizon 2020 SME phase 2 grant by the European Commission for the development, validation and commercialisation of novel technologies to improve fetal monitoring. Nemo focuses on technologies based on non-invasive electrophysiological signals that are recorded on the maternal abdomen and that provide information on uterine activity (contractions) and the maternal and fetal electrocardiogram (ECG).

Our project aims to provide the next generation of fetal monitoring technology by mid-2018. The concept as shown in the image has been developed and is validated in the first half of 2018.

The technology Nemo develops, differentiates from existing alternatives by reliability and availability of data. For research purposes, fetal ECG data can be provided from 21 weeks gestation age onwards. With this option, new fields of fetal monitoring can be explored that will lead to the development of novel biomarkers based on fetal ECG signals.